[zh]Saikyouji Temple

Name[zh]Saikyouji Temple
Address2-8-22 Saiwai Izumi city Osaka
Architecture age1808(Edo) 1912~1926 Main Temple repare
Building type 宗教
ConstructionWooden flat structure
Outline explanationSaikyouji Temple was moved to present location with the residents of Minami Oji village in 1698(Genroku11). Main building raised the ridgepole in1808(Bunka5), the place for cleansing hands and mouth in 1816(Bunka13), terrace entrance and study room in 1859(Ansei16), main temple gate, bell tower, scripture house in middle Meiji era, drum tower rebuilt in 1961(Showa37), those all buildings are in the temple ground. They are surrounded with roofed mud walls, gatepost and iron fences. Small but admirable temple is expanded, and the Jodo- Sinsyu temple ground view from late Edo to middle Meiji era is well kept. With a more than 500 years old big tree of ibuki (height 10m, stem around 3m), Saikyoji Temple form a historical landscape as a cultural heritage symbol in this region.
Cultural property type 国登録有形文化財
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