The Okamotos Residence Main House

NameThe Okamotos Residence Main House
Address18-11 Kita-Machi, Kaizuka-Shi,Osaka Prefecture
Architecture ageMid Edo Era(1661-1750) /Extension in Tenpo 12(1841)
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden single-story Kawara roofing
Outline explanationA wooden single-story residence constructed in mid Edo era (storage room located on the second floor). The main building, reception building and three warehouses (Shin-Kura,Naka-Kura,Kita-Kura) are designated as registered cultural properties. Okamoto Family formerly run soy sauce brewing business as their business name ‘Karatsu-Ya’. They closed their business in late 1950’s and the brewery facilities were demolished. Placed at the northern end of Oshitasuji Street, the main building is built facing west to Oshitasuji. Shin-Kura,Kita-Kura and the Reception room are built in a line on the northern side of the main building. The structure of the main building consists of hirairi (the entrance to a building constructed parallel to the ridge of the roof) town-house with 11 meters wide on the entrance side. The three warehouses were not built for brewing purpose but for family use. There is a gracious tea ceremony room in the Reception building.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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