Kitahama Retro Building / Former Kir...

NameKitahama Retro Building / Former Kiryuu Sangyo Building
Address1-1-26 Kitahama, Chuuou-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1912
Building type Commercial buildings
ConstructionTwo-story, one basement Brick construction
Outline explanationA small office building made of brick in Meiji period. It faces Tosabori-Dori in Kitahama. The openings in the front are bordered with granite, deformation arch is supported with four posts, installing a wide open window on the second floor gives an accent. The building shows that a trace of Kitahama, the town of financial business in the past still remains. Since the owner of the building is genuine article-oriented, it is refurbished to a British style architecture, the interior is white walls and pillars, window frames and floor are colored in emerald green, and furnishings are all genuine orderd from the UK. The shop prospers as ‘Kitahama Retro’ that you can enjoy British style afternoon tea
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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