Shomyoji Sanmon (Shomyoji temple; t...

NameShomyoji Sanmon (Shomyoji temple; the main gate)
Address2-2-48 Shitaderamachi, Tennoji ward, Osaka city
Architecture ageMeiji 1~Meiji 44 / 1868~1911
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden building, hongawara-buki tiled roof, entrance 2.8 m, with left and right fences
Outline explanationShomyoji temple was constructed in 1624 (Kanei 1). All of the structures but the main temple gate were lost by the fire during the war. The temple is located to the south of Kuchinawa Slope and faces Matsuyamachi-suji Street to the west. The main temple gate is known as the Ikken Koraimon gate. A spandrel wall covered with square tiles jointed by raised plaster surrounds the 2.8m-wide gate on both sides. On the kirizuma-style gable roof, you can see the decorative dragon tiles and corner tiles on the ridge. The tall Korai gate, though small in scale, impressively stands out among many Yakuimon gates with gable roofs in Shitaderamachi. The Koraimon gate is capped by a gabled roof on two pillars. Immediately adjacent are two smaller gabled roofs on each side which are supported by the main and rear pillars. This historical landmark, together with the lush green forest on the west slope of Uemachi Plateau, contributes to the beautiful ancient landscape.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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