The Risais Residence Main House

NameThe Risais Residence Main House
Address18-3 Kitamachi Kaizuka-Shi Osaka Prefecture
Architecture ageMid Edo Era (1661-1750 )
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden single-story Kawara roofing
Outline explanationA wooden single-story residence constructed in mid Edo period (storage room located on the second floor). The Main House,Hanare(separate house) and Dozo(storehouse) are designated as registered cultural properties. The Okamotos formerly run an apothecary business and it is said that was a doctor of Chinese medicine from Meiji Era. It is located on the corner of the intersection that Horinomachi-Suji and Oshita-Suji cross. The Main House faces Horinomachi-Suji to the south, Hanare is built behind it with a courtyard in between. The storehouse faces Oshita-Suji on the west side. Though a major repair work was carried out, the Main House is one of the oldest architectures in Jinaimachi. The Hanare is an architecture built in around 1924, tiles of a fireplace and staind glass are retained. The Dozo, the estimated period of its construction was late Edo period, it has beam of 18 meters long. It was used as their product storage,
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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