The Senriji Main Temple Building

NameThe Senriji Main Temple Building
Address1-37-42 Senriyamanishi Suita City Osaka
Architecture age 1928(early Showa) 1932 moved
Building type Religious buildings
Constructionwooden flat structure tiled-roof building area 502heihoume-toru
Outline explanationThis is a diversion of a part of the Feast Assembly Hall for Showa Emperor Grace Ceremony. On the gabled side of the roof, we could see the main entrance (Tumairi), the column line which is 30m, a beam space which is 17m, and a gabled and Hongawara-tiled- roof. On the east side of the facade, there is 4 ken (6feet) wide pent roof (Kouhai) . Since this building was moved and diverted, many restructuring were done, but the shafts strengthened by prisms and beams, the inside double folding lift coffered ceiling and the lighting equipments kept the figure of Modern Palace Architecture.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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