Miyukimori Tenjingu Haiden (The Wors...

NameMiyukimori Tenjingu Haiden (The Worship Hall, Miyukimori Tenjingu Shrine)
Address3-10-5 Momodani, Ikuno-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1930
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionFlat wooden structure, copper roofing
Outline explanationA single story wooden shrine architecture. Located at the southwest corner of Miyuki-Dori Shopping Street in Momodani, Ikuno-Ku. This is the Haiden (Worship Hall) consists of Irimoya-zukuri (a half-hipped roof), Hirairi (the entrance to a building constructed parallel to the ridge of the roof) constructed on Kamebara-Kidan (a squarish bun-shaped mound covered with white plaster). The kohai (a roof built over the steps leading up to a temple building) built with karahafu (cusped gable) forms a gentle curve is placed in front. There is one room in the inside, and the left and right eaves in the back of the building are Norito-za (prayer seat) and Saikiko (storehouse for equipment used in rituals). A series of buildings including Honden (Main Building) and Heiden (Votive Offering Hall) are good examples of traditional techniques and styles of shrine architecture from Kamakura period revived in Showa.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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