The Sumiyoshi Shrine Kagura Hall

NameThe Sumiyoshi Shrine Kagura Hall
Address2-3-31Hattoriminamimachi Toyonaka city Osaka
Architecture age1898(Meiji 31 )
Building type
ConstructionWooden flat structure
Outline explanationThis Kagura Hall (Noh Stage) in Sumiyoshi Shrine is the oldest Noh stage, which was built in Meiji 31 as a Kannoh (to watch Noh) facility of Osaka Museum (current Osaka Chamber of commerce and indutry). In Showa 2, because Osaka Museum was moved, this Noh stage was also moved to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. And in Showa 56, at the time of Showa Large Construction of Sumiyoshi Shrine, this Noh Stage was inherited from Tenmangu, then it was moved and rebuilt in Sumiyoshi Shrine. The roof was gabled and coppery. Used woods were all-cypress and the Noh stage is built in Japanese traditional style. The designer is Youkichi Okazaki, Osaka Prefecture assitant engineer, and the construction supervisor is Setsu Inoue, and leader is Tyouemon Shiga from Kyoto. Their work demonstraited the high level of technology of the Kansai region carpenters at the time.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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