Osaka Temmangu Shrine

NameOsaka Temmangu Shrine
Address2-1-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-Ku, Osaka
Architecture ageSanshuujo/1911, Kagurasho/1904, Baikaden/1928
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden flat structure
Outline explanationThere are three registered tangible cultural properties (architectures) in the precincts, Kagurasho, Sanshuujo and Baikaden, Kagurasho is built on the east side of Honden and Haiden, it consists of half-hipped copper roofing, wooden flat structure and connected to Haiden by a hallway. A funahijiki (horizontal member) is provided on the columns, The eaves are mabara-kaku-daruki (widely spaced rectangular roof rafters), wrap-around verandas with Giboshi-Kouran (baluster finial forged high handrails). Remains a classical style by hanging the koshi-shitomido (a wooden door made with a board set between two lattices) on the west side. Sanshuujo is placed in between Honden and Baikaden, it consists of half-hipped copper roofing, wooden flat structure, the height of the roof is a little lower compare to Kagurasho and connected to Baikaden by a hallway. The Moya(nave) and eave structure, making five rooms by dividing the depth of Moya in three sections. It is so called ‘Hiroma’ and is now utilized as a lounge of Baikaden. Baikaden is located on the middle of the east end in the precincts. A reception hall (currently a wedding hall) of half-hipped copper roofing, wooden flat structure, the Moya(nave) and eave structure. It is characteristical that the structure of the ceiling of the room in the east is a double-lattice ceiling with cornices.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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