Kobayashi Newsagent and Residence

NameKobayashi Newsagent and Residence
Address4-12-3 Hirano-Honmachi, Hirano-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1929
Building type Commercial buildings
ConstructionTwo-stories reinforced concrete and single-story wooden structure Kawara roofing
Outline explanationCompleted in 1929, the store, two-stories reinforced concrete structure, stands face north toward the shopping arcade, the single-story wooden residence is connected behind it. The store entrance is made at the front to the west side, and the entrance to the residence through the passage dirt floor is on the east end of the building. The both entrances have little eaves. The façade of the front of the building has distinctive features, divided into four parts by pillars, the arch shaped windows on the second floor placed two each among the divided parts. This architecture is located at former Hirano Jinaimachi that is known as a representative example of the subsequently flourished as a municipal borough being referred to Sakai in the medieval period, town houses from the Edo Period are spaced out. The ‘Newsagent Museum’ , one of the 15 museums of Hiranomachi, is located next to the store, a precious modernization-related assets of Hirano.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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