Sukunahikona Shrine

NameSukunahikona Shrine
Address2-1-8 Dosho-Machi, Chuuou-Ku, Osaka
TEL/FAX06(6231)6958(TEL)/06(6231)6970 (FAX)
Architecture age1910
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden flat structure Copper roofing
Outline explanationHonden (Main Building), Heiden (Votive Offering Hall) and Haiden (Worship Hall) are designated as registered tangible cultural properties. Honden is a well-balanced pavilion of Kirizuma-zukuri (an architectural style with a gabled roof). The structure of Heiden is Ryousage-zukuri, and in contrast to Honden, many sculptures can be seen. Haiden is Irimoya-zukuri (a half-hipped gable roof), skillful techniques can be seen in the ornaments in front of the building. The origin of the shrine is when Sukunahikona-no-mikoto was invited from Gojyouten-Shinsha in Kyoto and worshipped him with Shinnou-Entei in 1780, Along with the Aothecary Museum by the shrine office, The shrine bears a very important role as the spiritual place to rely on for medical traders in Dosho-Machi.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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