Miyukimori Tenjingu Sukibei (The see...

NameMiyukimori Tenjingu Sukibei (The see-through wall, Miyukimori Tenjingu Shrine)
Address3-10-5 Momodani, Ikuno-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1930
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionFlat wooden structure, copper roofing
Outline explanationA single story wooden shrine architecture. Located at the southwest corner of Miyuki-Dori Shopping Street in Momodani, Ikuno-Ku. A wall surrounds from behind the Haiden (Worship Hall), Heiden (Votive Offering Hall) to Honden (Main Building), Constructed on top of kiriishi zumi (masonry laid with regularly cut stones) of approximately 1 meter in height. The whole length is 17 ken (approximately 31 meters), copper roofed using a bracket complex known as ‘sashihijiki’ (bracket arms inserted into the shaft of a pillar). Renjimado (bamboo grilled windows) and Koshiita Kabe (baseboard wall) are installed among each pillars. The pillars and rafters are chamfered in the same way as those of Honden and Haiden, unifying their appearances.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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