The Tsujimotos’ Residence; main hous...

NameThe Tsujimotos’ Residence; main house
AddressGoryo, Daito City
Architecture ageEdo Tenpo 1~Meiji 1/1830~1868  Renovation Heisei 24/2014
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden flat house, Steel sheet roof, partially kawara-buki, 207㎡
Outline explanationThe old Goryo village was the suigo waterway district that represented the Kawachi area, some of which contained historical cityscapes. Goryo-suiro waterway, which was created for the development of new rice fields in the Edo period, has been developed as a “Seseragi Suiro.” The Tsujimoto residence is a north-facing private house situated in the center of the village. The main house has a steel sheet roof (originally a thatched roof) with a yosemune-zukuri (hipped roof) style, which is surrounded by a pan tiled lean-to roof called geya. Inside and to the east there is a wide doma (dirt floor). On the upper floor, rooms are lined in order from the east side: a hiroshiki room with a wooden floor, a kuchinoma (6-tatami-mat room), and zashiki (8-tatami-mat room) with an alcove. The shikidai step-up entranceway is in front of the 6-tatami-mat room. It is a private house that held an established family who served as shoya (village headman). By renovation in 2014, the front north side of the main house was restored to its original form, and the back side was modified into a living place suitable for a modern lifestyle.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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