Kansai University Kanbunkan

NameKansai University Kanbunkan
Address3-3-35 Yamatecho Suita City Osaka
Architecture age1928 (early Showa)
Building type Educational buildings
ConstructionRainforced concrete three-story structure building area 932heibei
Outline explanationThis rainforced concrete Library was designed and extended by the architect Togo Murano. The original library had tower-shaped overhang staircase on the southwest corner, and it had the design with the vertical to show the columns. In the cylinder shaped extended library, columns and beams are every 15 egrees, and walls are tiled. The massive building of cylinder shaped is flote on pilotis. Second floor decorative tiles and parapet moldings are also worth watching.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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