Katano City Education and Culture Ce...

NameKatano City Education and Culture Center (The Former Headquarters of Katano Mujin Mutual Aid Finance, Inc.)
Address6-9-21 Kuraji, Katano City
TEL/FAX072-810-6667 (TEL)/072-810-6665(FAX)
Architecture ageShowa 4 / 1929
Building type Commercial buildings
Outline explanationKatano City Education and Culture Center is located in Kuraji district, a place well known for magnificent architecture. This district contains buildings for the old village headman’s families and wealthy farmer families. The district was built in traditional styles like the irimoya-zukuri with a main gate, with wooden walls and a tiled rooves, and dozo (earthen-walled storehouse). These building types represent a few nostalgic modernist structures from the early Showa period in the Kitakawachi area. The original bank building was built in 1929 (Showa 4) as the headquarters of Katano Mujin Mutual Aid Finance, Inc. In 1942 (Showa 17), on the occasion of a new merger of Kinki Little Finance Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Kinki Bank), the headquarters was donated to Katano as a government building. Today, it houses the Katano City Exhibition Room of History and Folklore, a facility which is open to the general public. The bank was designed and constructed by Obayashi Co. It is a 2-story, reinforced concrete building measuring 19 meters by 15 meters. A main point of the design is the tiles arranged in a pattern of scratched parallel lines. A rare Gothic design was adopted for this bank architecture, which came in the form of a Tudor arch arranged around the office and parapets are constructed with medieval castle-like crenels.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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