The Minamigawas Residence Main House

NameThe Minamigawas Residence Main House
Address13-7 Shinmachi Kaizuka-Shi Osaka Prefecture
Architecture ageShowa 2(1927)
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden two-stories Construction Kawara roofing
Outline explanationA wooden two-stories residential architecture constructed in early Showa period. The Main House and Hanare(the separate building) are designated as registered cultural properties. Kirizuma-zukuri, hirairi (i.e., a style in which the entrance is located in one of the sides parallel to the ridge of the roof),7.2 meters length longitudinal purlins, 3.6 meters length transverse beams. A DOMA (dirt floor) on the northern side, and two rooms(4.5 tatami-mats, and 6 tatami-mats with an alcove) on the south. A working space on the northern and a barn on the southern side. The architecture is run as ‘The Museum of Living in Meiji, Taisho, Showa’.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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