Yoshida Sake Brewing Main Building

NameYoshida Sake Brewing Main Building
Address2620 Sakaehonnmachi Ikeda City Osaka
Architecture agearound1878 (Meiji11)
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden two-story structure
Outline explanationMany high ways through as stopover for supplies, Ikeda area was prospered in Edo era. Especially brewing, 42 brewers were sure during golden ages in early Edo era.  Yoshida Brewing has been from Genroku era, but current main building was rebuilt in Meiji10 after a big fire. Hongawara tiled roof, wooden two-story house, south gabled roof, north gabled hipped roof, the size 5 ken (6feet) square ,high 2nd floor side wall and Mushikomado ( window with an ultra-fine lattice) window frame and lattice are painted with black mortar, and Sode Udatsu (wing wall) are on both side of 2nd floor side wall. This is a large townhouse with rooms arranged in two rows along the mud floor(Doma), and the storehouse comes with the main building, and the tall fences Shimotaya (store be gone out of business)like, all these buildings tells the prosperity period of brewing.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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