Okuno Family House

NameOkuno Family House
Address2-30-35 Naka-sakurazuka, Toyonaka City, Osaka
Architecture agemiddle Edo era
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden building
Outline explanationThe Okuno Family was a Syouya (a headman) in the Sakurazuka- mura (a village), And belonged in the Anbe Han (Domain) in the Edo era. The family head took over the name of the Syoubei from generation to generation. They served as headmen and mayors of the village in the Meiji era. Okuno’s house remains along the old travel road of Waki-Kaido (the other main road) connecting with the main roads of Nose-Kaido and Minoh-Kaido.The house has the Omoya (a main house), the Mon-Nagaya (a house in gate),The Dozoo (4 earthen store houses), the Chumon Gate (an inner gate), the Roji-Mon(an old open field gate). Facing the road of Waki-Kaido you will see the Mon-Nagaya, the Dozoo, traditional wooden fences andseveral big trees. Okuno’s house still retains something of the atmosphere of the old village and the old days in residential area. The house was damaged by the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. 3 years later the house was renovated with materials that could be reused and recycled. Today this old traditional house has being kept in good shape. In the Omoya, Okuno’s family holds events such as music concerts and exhibitions under thename of Sakura-no-Syoubei Gallery. Okuno Family House is sometimes open to the public.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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