the Naruko Residence

Namethe Naruko Residence
Address3-13-6 Ozaki Hannan City Osaka
Architecture age1916 ( Taisyo5)
Building type Residential buildings
Constructionwooden two-story structure , tiled roof
Outline explanationNaniwa Sake Brewing Company’s sake Brewery and residence. The main building is a wooden structure with two full story and agabled hongawara-buki tiled roof. It is a big traditional townhouse with 11 ken(6feet) wide frontage. The plan figure on the first floor is comprised of three division with six rooms and tatami rooms for study. The rooms on the second floor are characterized as the modern townhouses. They maintained the traditional facade such as the lower ceiling of the second story rooms and all the windows are with ultra-fine lattice. Detached house is arranged with an entranceway, formal Japanese rooms, a tea-room and western-style room. They have complete facilities for customer’s space, and there are other two big two story breweries. The atmosphere of the entire buildings configure the townscape of sake brewery.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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