OsakaSumiyoshi Christ Church (The Un...

NameOsakaSumiyoshi Christ Church (The United Church of Christ in Japan, Osaka Sumiyoshi Church)
Address2-21-3 Kohama, Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka
Architecture ageConstructed in 1919, extended and renovated in 1931
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden structure
Outline explanationLocated on a block between Nankai Honsen and Hankai Tram Line. According to the expository writing, Kirizuma-zukuri (an architectural style with a gabled roof), the outer wall adopted the shitami itabari style (wooden board siding with battens), the chapel with vertical windows, a wooden two-story building of Yosemune-zukuri (square or rectangular building covered with a hipped roof) and walls finished with mortar was extended in front of the parsonage, a tower is placed on the right hand side in the front. Also the alter in the chapel has characteristic features of early Showa period. It is difficult to picture the description above from the appearance at the present time since the outer wall is spray painted, apertures have been changed to aluminum sashes, the round window by the entrance is closed, but the atmosphere of the old days can be felt from the whole building.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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