the Tea Ceremony House in Kita Kawac...

Namethe Tea Ceremony House in Kita Kawachi
Address1-2Hattoriryokuti Toyonaka City Osaka
Architecture age1851(Kaei4) 1945 ( Showa20's) 2005 (Heisei 17) moved
Building type
ConstructionWooden flat structure
Outline explanationThis Tea Ceremony House was built in Niwakubo (current Moriguchi city ) in late Edo era. In Kaei 4 this house was moved to Kitada Residence in Katano city kisaibe, and in Showa 20’s it was relocated to Harada Residence in the sme city, then in Heisei 17 it was moved again and rebuilt in this Japan Fork Village Museum. The roof is gabled and thatched, and the eaves are tiled and coppery. Tea-ceremony-arbor-styled room size is 4,5 Jyo ( 4.5 tatami mats) and a tokonoma and a cupbord on the floor are installed. The next room is a kitchen of 3 jyo (3 tatami mats) with a sink and a cupbord for utensils. Between the tea -ceremony room and the kitchen , the L-shaped opened veranda is placed, however, the entrance(Nijirikuchi) for noblemen from veranda to tea-eremony room could not be seen because of the wall on the edge of the veranda. There is a comb-shaped window on the upper entrance, and there is a window on the side of Tokonoma. The design was simple except of the node log of alcove post and sanded logs of alcove frame. This is a good example of Top Farm’s Tea-Ceremony Houses.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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