The House of Hatada

NameThe House of Hatada
Address470 gunto Habikino City, Osaka
Architecture age1887
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWooden building
Outline explanation The House of Hatada is found in the western part of the Habikino city. It is a so-called Shoya-Yashiki(residence of the village headman), which reminds us of the old Meiji era-houses very well. The main building is two storied, and four rooms, forming a two-by-two matrix are at the center of the first floor. The structure of beams over the earth floor is telling the old tradition visibly. The whole mansion has storehouses(the east and west storehouses and granary), Nagayamon-gate(the row house gate), an attached building including a well, bathroom and privy and a storage barn, in addition. It was registered as a registered tangible cultural property of Japan in 1999. With registration as the cultural properties, have been started the Hatada academy for school children, open-house and forum, in accordance with the aim of the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, “preservation and utilization of cultural properties in order to promote the cultural well-being of the Japanese people as well as the global development of culture”.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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