Kanshinji Onshi Koudou (Royal Auditorium of Kanshinji Temple)

NameKanshinji Onshi Koudou (Royal Auditorium of Kanshinji Temple)
Address453 Teramoto, Kawachi-Nagano, Osaka
Architecture ageConstructed in 1928, moved and rebuilt in 1930
Building type Others
ConstructionFlat wooden structure, slate roofing, construction area 618 square meters
Outline explanationA part of the architecture constructed in Kyoto Imperial Palace to hold the ceremonial feast at the coronation of Emperor Showa. It was moved and rebuilt here. The structure consists of Ketayuki (the length of the pieces of wood) is over 21 meters, Harima (the length of the beam) is a little less than 24 meters, A slate roofing Irimoya-zukuri (a half-hipped roof). In the inside, it has a splendid colored double-lattice ceiling. The original was designed by the Uchi no takumi ryo (Bureau of Skilled Artisans) of the Imperial Household Department, and by Hisakichi Ikedaya when it was moved and rebuilt.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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