Ituo Art Museum

NameItuo Art Museum
Address1965Tateishityou Ikeda City osaka
Architecture age1937 (Showa12)/ 1957 (showa32)repair
Building type Educational buildings
ConstructionRainforced-concrete two-story building
Outline explanationItuo Art Museum was used to be called Gazoku Sanso, which was the old house of Ichizo Kobayashi who is the founder of Hankyu Railway Corporation. The old building was designed by Risuke Kobayashi from Takenaka Engineering Company, and was completed for construction in 1937 (Showa12). Rainforced-concrete two stories building, silver-gray Spanish tiled roof, the outer wall of entranceway is sticked yellow stone (Ryuzanseki), the second story is designed like haften bar with visible columns,beams, and angle steels, and on the gabled side wall is decorated with quatrefoil type ornaments. A hall with atrium, a dyning room and tatami rooms are inside of the building. Not only the residence, Nagayamon (gate building) and several Tea-Ceremony- Houses are placed. It is valuable as an architecture which embody the comformity of arts and lives. That comformity of arts and lives is what Ichizo Kobayashi sought as an ideal. In 1957 (showa32) Gazoku Sanso was opened as an Art Museum. In 2009 (Heisei21) New Art Museum was opened and in 2010 (Heisei22) old building (Gazoku Sanso) was re-opened as Ichizo Kobayashi Memorial Museum.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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