Ikeda pia maru center ( former Ikeda...

NameIkeda pia maru center ( former Ikeda Business Bank)
Address2-14 Sinnmachi Ikeda City Osaka
Architecture age1925 (Taisho14)
Building type Commercial buildings
ConstructionRain-forced-concrete two-story structure
Outline explanationThis former Ikeda Business Bank was built in 1925 (Taisho14) facing the old Nose Highway, and the oldest rainforced-concrete building in Ikeda area. The façade is designed with sticked stone on the horizontal bottoms and tops, and the wall is designed with brown tiles which looks like vertical columns. It tells the bank style in late Taisho era, which had the modern sense of heavy thickness and refraining from decoration. Modern Ikeda was the center of the business. and this bank is a symbol of Ikeda. The designer is Ken Ogasawara who worked for a railroad company in Osaka. Now this building is used as an Incubation Center (Corporate Development Office) which is established to assist smaller companies and people aiming for entrepreneur.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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