Komyoji Hondo, Kuri, Sanmon (Komyoj...

NameKomyoji Hondo, Kuri, Sanmon (Komyoji temple; the main hall, the living quarters, the main gate)
Address1-3-73 Shitaderamachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Architecture ageHondo:1706 Kuri:1830~1867 Sanmon: 1866
Building type Religious buildings
Outline explanationFacing Matsuyamachi-suji Street to the west, the main temple gate is an Ikken Yakuimon, which has a kirizuma-style gable roof with a hongawara-buki tiled roof. It has kagami tenjo (panel-lined ceiling) built in, and is decorated with dragon sculptures on the nakazonae (supports to receive girders). The combination of sculptures, various decorative tiles, and closely spaced rafters is exquisitely beautiful. The main hall is located in the center of the precinct. Its style is irimoya-zukuri with hongawara-buki (formal tile hip-and-gable roof). Ikken kohai (a roof built above a staircase) is attached to the front of the entrance. In the center of Gokendo (Buddhist temple with five intervals between the entrance pillars), there are paneled wooden doors known as Sankarado, often used in kara-yo or Zenshu-yo style Buddha statue halls. It has a typical plan of a Jodo-sect Buddhism main hall with Gejin (outer chamber) and Naijin (inner chamber), and Wakijin (side chamber). Although there have been modifications to the joineries, remnants of history have been preserved dates back to the middle Edo period. The living quarters are connected to the north side of the main hall by the entrance. The kirizuma-style gable roof of the east-west ridges with kemuridashi (small roof for discharging smoke outdoors), and a lean-to roof called geya are attached to the gable side where the walls are a white plaster finish. The entrance is an irimoya-zukuri with a pan tiled roof and gable pediments filled with kitsurekoshi wooden lattice. The main hall and the living quarters are situated side by side, presenting a deep and profound appearance within the precinct.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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