Zenryuji Sanmon (Zenryuji temple; t...

NameZenryuji Sanmon (Zenryuji temple; the main gate)
Address2-1-17 Shitaderamachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Architecture ageEdo Bunka 7 / 1810 Relocation 1969
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden building, hongawara-buki tiled roof, entrance 2.7 m, with left and right fences
Outline explanationZenryuji temple is positioned on the Kuchinawa Slope which is one of the Nanasaka (Seven Slopes) of Tennoji. The Seven Slopes are located in Yuhigaoka district of Uemachi Plateau in the western ward of Tennoji, Osaka. In spring, the cherry trees of these precincts bloom and blanket the slope beautifully. It is a place famous for its cherry blossoms. Sanmon, a magnificent Yakuimon gate with a gable roof, was erected in August 1810 (Bunka 7). The gate was made using a 1 meter by 2 meter boards of zelkova wood. It is unusual for the same boards to be used in the ceiling as well. During reroofing construction in 2007 (Heisei 19), the ridge tag was discovered to be in good condition in the attic of the gate. The ridge tag is evidence of the 200 year old historical details of Sanmon. Written of the back of the ridge tag is a record of construction and the prayer: “properness, no decline, no change.“ In autumn of 2007 (Heisei 19), roof repair was completed. The “Heisei tag” handwritten in ink is now in the attic with the old tag. During the next reroofing a century from now, both the new and old ridge tags will be discovered again as mini “time capsules.”
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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