Dainennbutsuji Hondo

NameDainennbutsuji Hondo
Address1-7-26 Hirano-Uemachi Hirano-Ku Osaka
Architecture ageShowa 13(1938)
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden single-story Copper plate roofing 1217㎡
Outline explanationThe original Hondo (Main Hall) was constructed in 1663 but destroyed by fire in 1898. The present Hondo was reconstructed in 1938, true to how the former principal image would have looked at the time of its completion. This is one of the largest wooden architectures in Osaka Prefecture. The structure is Irimoya-zukuri (building with a half-hipped roof), Hirairi(the entrance to a building constructed parallel to the ridge of the roof, usually on the long side of building), the length of a wood is 12.7 meters and HARI is 14.5 meters. Copper roof is imitating Kawara tile roofing. Finely latticed ceiling, wooden passage in front, a corridor in the back side. The main carpenter is Heizaemon Ito the Eleventh, it is a representative large-scale wooden Buddhist temple of the modern period. The temple consists a part of Hiranogo, flourished as an autonomous and commercial city thorough Muromachi to Sengoku period, carries on number of national treasures and cultural properties.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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