Osaka Celluloid Hall

NameOsaka Celluloid Hall
Address2-5-12 Ooimazato-Nishi, Higashinari-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1931, Extended in 1937
Building type Industry・Transport・Infrastructure
Constructionreinforced concrete
Outline explanationThe northern side was constructed in 1931, The southern side was extended in 1937. The facade is strongly influenced by the vogue of architects at that time and is a local landmark. It remains the style of Showa modernism architecture such as Spanish Kawara (roof tiles), semicircular arched windows, etc. The best eye catching point inside is the staircase, the very deep consideration of Isamu Nishida,the architect can be seen through its shape and the method of lighting. The building was named as ‘Kushi Kaikan’ (Comb Hall) after the celluloid comb that was the main stream of celluloid(plastic) industry flourished at the period. It is used as a tenant building, and the Celluloid Exhibit Room in on the first floor.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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