Kishimoto Kawaramachi Tei

NameKishimoto Kawaramachi Tei
Address1-2-1 Kawara-Machi, Chuuou-Ku, Osaka
Architecture age1931
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionReinforced concrete structure
Outline explanationConstructed as the principal residence of Kichizaemon Kishimoto, the fifth head of Kishimoto Shouten that was established in 1831. Designed by Shinichi Sasagawa who was a constructional design engineer at Sumitomo Productive Design Department. A modern composition with flat roofing, the external walls are made of ryholitic welded tuff called Tasuyama-ishi with a distinctive atmosphere. The mantelpiece is luxury advanced with excellent design. Also the stained glass installed in the windows above the staircase room constitute a housing space with pomposity. It portrays the characteristics of Taisho to Showa periods.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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