Jiganji Hondo (The Main Hall of Jiganji Temple)

NameJiganji Hondo (The Main Hall of Jiganji Temple)
Address3-104 Honmachi, Yao-Shi, Osaka
Architecture age1817
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionFlat wooden structure, tiled roofing, construction area 561 square meters
Outline explanationThe temple belongs to Jodo Shinshu sect Hongan-ji school locates near Yao Station of Kintetsu Osaka Line. It was originally built in Kyuuhuoiji in Yao, but was moved to the present location in Momoyama Period. It is named as Fukuisan, and was established in 1280. The Hondo (main temple building) was rebuilt in 1817 by a large number of carpenters in Osaka. The building faces east and it consists of Irimoya-zukuri (a half-hipped roof), Hirairi (the entrance to a building constructed parallel to the ridge of the roof), the kohai (a roof built over the steps leading up to a temple building) is 14 ken deep, Hongawarabuki (roof with formal tiles). As seen in many of other Shinshu main halls, it is divided into an outer chamber, palisade and inner chamber. An extra and a turret rooms are placed on each side of the inner chamber, an open broad veranda lines on three sides of the outer chamber. Beside the main hall, the Scripture House (1876), Temizuya, the purification font (1661-1673), the front gate and roofed mud wall (1856), the side gate and roofed mud wall (1868-1911) are registered as tangible cultural properties.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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