Mizuma Station, Mizuma Railway Co., ...

NameMizuma Station, Mizuma Railway Co., Ltd.
Address260 Mizuma Kaizuka-Shi Osaka Prefecture
Architecture ageTaisho 15(1926)
Building type Industry・Transport・Infrastructure
ConstructionOne-story with reinforced concrete structure
Outline explanationA railway station of Taisho period, one-story with reinforced concrete structure. Inaugurated as the terminal station of Mizuma Railway whichi is established for the visitors to Mizuma Kannon Shrine. The external appearance is symmetry, Its structure is unique, the central part is designed like a stupa, a flat topped cylinder-shaped rooms are placed on the right and left edges. In front of the ticket gate, an arcade with lighting windows with modified 卍 patterns. One of the earliest reinforced concrete architectures in the region, the basic structure is retained as the original. The name was changed to ‘Mizuma Kannon Station’ in 2009.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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