Shonenji Sanmon (Shonenji temple; t...

NameShonenji Sanmon (Shonenji temple; the main gate)
Address1-1-19 Shitaderamachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Architecture ageEdo Kanbun 1~Horeki 1 / 1661~1750
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden building, hongawara-buki tiled roof, entrance 2.9m
Outline explanationShonenji temple was founded in 1596 (Keicho 1). Although it avoided war damage, the main hall was rebuilt as a modern reinforced concrete building in 2000 (Heisei 12). The main gate was built in the middle of the Edo period. It is an Ikken Yakuimon, facing Matsuyamachi-suji Street to the west. Vertical beams (mebari ,obari), and upper crossbar (kabuki) were constructed on top of the main pillars, which are placed at a 2.9 meter interval. A kaerumata is placed as a decorative curved support for the gables and the nakazonae. The details on kibana (sculptures of the end of wood) were designed with accordance to trends in the middle Edo period. The main gate has a kirizuma-style gable roof with hongawara-buki. It was built with Hitonoki Mabaradaruki, which is a single eave structure with widely-spaced rafters.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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