Gantokuji Temple

NameGantokuji Temple
Address8-23 Midou-Cho, Kadoma, Osaka
Architecture age1658
Building type Religious buildings
ConstructionWooden flat structure, partially two-stories
Outline explanationGantokuji is a temple (former Gokaji) associated with Shinshu Otani School. The temple was founded by Rennyo Shonin Jitsugo Souzu in Kaga Tsurugi Mura (currently Tsurugi-Machi, Hakusan-Shi, Ishikawa Prefecture) in 1508. Since the temple was restored in kadoma in 1531, the facilities were developed one by one. The Tsuijibei (Earthen Wall) in the front, Nagaya-Mon Gate, Taikoro (Drum Tower), Main Entrance, Reception Hall and Shoin (Study or Lecture Hall) are registered as tangible cultural properties. Also The Main Sanctuary, Shoro (Bell Tower) and Sanmon Gate are registered cultural properties of Osaka Prefecture.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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