the wall of Sakurazuka High School m...

Namethe wall of Sakurazuka High School managed by Osaka prefecture.
Address4-1-1 Nakasakurazuka Toyonaka City Osaka
Architecture age1938 (Showa 13)
Building type Educational buildings / bricks
Constructionbricks and rainforced concrete
Outline explanationAt Sakurazuka Highschool which is managed by Osaka prefecture, old school buildings were demolished because new buildings were built since Showa 48. And the walls on the nothern side and southeast corner of the school land were saved. Those walls were built when the predecessor Toyonaka Girl’s highschool was founded in 1938 (Showa13). Between the brick columns with 1.1m height, rainforced concrete panels which have 1.8m wide and 0.9m height are installed. There are two kinds of panels, one has three watermarking holes of cherry blossom pattern, and another one has no watermarking hole. Those two kinds of panels are installed alternately. The cherry blossom patterns with watermarking holes are designed to model the predecessor Girl’s Highschool badge and the name of the place,Sakurazuka, where the school is. And those watermarking holes explains the gentle and elegant apperance of the Girl’s Highschool and the good days of early Showa era.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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