The Takemotos Residence West Main Ho...

NameThe Takemotos Residence West Main House
Address18-1 Kita-Machi Kaizuka-Shi Osaka Prefecture
Architecture ageWest: around Showa 7(1932)/ East: Late Edo Era(1830-1867)
Building type Residential buildings
ConstructionWest: Wooden two-stories Kawara roofing/ East: Wooden single-story Kawara roofing
Outline explanationBoth the West and East Main Houses of The Takemotos Residence are designated as the rgistered cltural prperties, The West Main House is a wooden two-stories residence constructed in early Showa period and the East is a wooden one-story residence of late Edo period. The Takemotos ran a business manufacturing Tsuge-Kushi(boxwood combs) which was the specialty product in this region until early Showa period. The frontage of the West is 6.3 meters wide, dirt floor on its east side and there are three rooms along it. The frontage of the East is 6.3 meters wide and connected to the West. Though the ground level of the East is higher than that of the East, the roof level is lower because of the height of the building,
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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