The West Buildind, Suwanomori Statio...

NameThe West Buildind, Suwanomori Station, Nankai Honsen
Address2-78 Hamadera-Suwanomori-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Sakai, Osaka
Architecture age1919
Building type Industry・Transport・Infrastructure
ConstructionFlat, wooden structure, Slate-roofing
Outline explanationThe next station building of Hamadera-Koen Station heading north. A small, single-story wooden structured building with the area of 48 square meters. One of the characteristic features of this station is the windows made of five stained glasses shows the scenery of the view of the coast from Hamadera to Awajishima. A small waiting space barely enough for only three adults to sit is set by the ticket vending machine. It remains of the old times with the lighting fixture from those days. The original station was an octagonal building and it was located near the current east statation building when the railway was founded in 1907. The current west building was constructed constructed in 1919.
Cultural property type Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
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